A Brief Resume: JAN KAUFMAN (Puppeteer)

A professional puppeteer and licensed educator, Jan consults as well as conducts workshops, demonstrations, and seminars on applications in the public and private sectors including educational organizations. She also performs with a wide range of users and audiences on topics ranging from puppetry and communication, drug abuse, child abuse, self-esteem enhancement, life skills, early childhood development, basic skills, educational improvement, and entertainment. She has performed and taught in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, and Europe.


M.A. (Secondary Education) and B.A. (Art & Drama), Chapman University, Orange, California. Califomia Life Teaching Credential in Secondary and Community College. Florida Substitute license, 199-2002. Doctoral work in Human Behavior at US International University, San Diego, California.

Professional (Selected) Experience:

Workshops: First-6th grades and middle school programs for: mentally and emotionally handicapped; children's theater; special-theme school programs; teachers, counselors, school psychologists; language arts and reading/literacy skills. Teachers: University and College; applications of puppetry to art, handicapped learners, gifted and special learners, reading and literacy skills; Adult education; cultural considerations. Counselors and psychologists: Child abuse; half-way house/abused women, problem students; alcohol, drug, and substance abuse; problem-solving; communication skills.

Performances: TV shows, TV ads, night clubs and resorts, department store and mall shows, public and private schools, museums, motion pictures, parks and recreation, special events, professional entertainers conventions, governmental agencies.

Client Organizations (Partial listing by type): Local educational agencies including primary, secondary, higher educational (US, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico); Governmental, including such agencies as departments of health, medical educational organizations, corrections, mental health institutes, police and sheriff departments, universities, boards of education; departments of cultural affairs, all at the state, national and local levels. agencies (US, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico); Medical and social services (US, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, Mexico).

Lectures and Demonstrations: Universities and colleges from Puerto Rico to Chile, from Perth, Australia to New Zealand, Ecuador to Florida; at agencies ranging from Tallahassee Police Department to Charter Hospitals in Indiana. Topics range from literacy to child abuse, from alcoholism to entertainment, from art to performing.

Teaching: Head of Drama Department, Lakewood High School (California); Third grade, Califomia; Colleges and Universities in California, Florida, Australia, and Latin America. General Educational Development/Literacy, and Adult Education teaching in Florida (in a variety of settings, including standard classrooms, retirement homes, rehabilitation hospitals, psychiatric centers, and prisons).